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Private Executive Committee for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and

In the company of leaders who understand your role, choose to work together with no agenda other than helping each other, in a non-competitive, trusting environment, your potential becomes unlimited.

The winning formula!

The members, from various non-competing companies, come together to engage in structured, candid, and confidential discussions focused on their decisions.

You learn from other leaders and kindly receive fresh perspectives on your topics from leaders who have encountered and overcome similar challenges.

Members bring their most pressing issues, opportunities, and challenges and receive reliable suggestions. The goal of your private peer advisory board is to help you succeed and accelerate through co-created accountability in trust.

This group enables the growth of your business and yourself as a leader. A collective brain more powerful than any teaching.

What is TEC-Canada?

TEC-Canada is a partner of Vistage International, the largest peer advisory organization for business leaders worldwide, with over 45,000 leaders across 34 countries. It's an international community built on trust, comprised of individuals who share the same perspective of mutual support.

Audited for 10 years by Dun & Bradstreet, the results show: 2.2 times faster growth, with 90% of members CREDITING their peer group for their SUCCESS.

Why join a Peer Group?

  • To mobilize collective intelligence among leaders to avoid blind spots and receive fresh ideas.

  • To face challenges without fear, thanks to the trust of an impartial group that understands your role.

  • To continue evolving your knowledge through exercises, mutual assistance, and world-class speakers.

  • To continue becoming the leader you would have liked to have.

How does it work?

  • I facilitate a meeting where members bring their challenges, one day a month, 10 times a year.

  • We invite international expert speakers to work in workshops for a few hours on 6 of our meeting days.

  • You and I have a private individual online session for one hour, 10 times a year.

  • Once a year, we have a 2-day strategic retreat all together.

  • You have access to the international TEC/Vistage network of 45,000 leaders in 34 countries and to the endless leadership video library.

Better Leaders

Better Decisions

Better Results


Most entrepreneurs are so busy being the firefighters of their business, extinguishing fires, that they are unaware of the 10 massive mistakes that slow down their growth.

" It’s rare that you come across standout a talent like Gilles. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him over the last two years, collaborating on projects with TEC Canada. I’m in awe of his steady focus and commitment to working with leaders to both build performance and continuously improve.” Considering his international business experience, he is an incredible resource as a business leader and TEC Chair.. ”

Mike Verhey - President - Accelerating Insight to Performance

I am filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity to work on four continents with these fantastic human beings!

Thank you.

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