The power of US begins with EACH ONE.


associate the words "Peers" - "People like me" and "Innovation" - "Realized Creativity"

" As a Workplace Life Architect, a CEO strengthens their Leadership to improve Organizational Performance through Collective Intelligence."
Gilles Prépoint

What peer advisory boards can teach us about creating highly-performing teams

Collective Intelligence!

Peernovation is what happens when a group of people sharing common values, but offering different perspectives and skills, bring ideas to life. It's top-tier teamwork. This is where the power of peers (being more selective, strategic, and structured about the people you have on your team) pays off.

It's simple just not always easy.

You believe in strength in numbers, that the power of US begins with YOU, that true collaboration can achieve what no individual can do alone, and that to tackle challenges and strive for goals beyond your current imagination, you need to reach a new level of excellence in your organization: then this is likely for you!

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

We leverage group dynamics and strategic communication to build high-performing, engaged and fulfilled teams.

In a world where we are asked to accomplish more, even faster, with many people now working remotely, it's hard to imagine a more important area of focus for today's leaders and their teams

How peer groups can help you maximize your investment in learning and development?

Organizations worldwide spend over $350 billion on training their employees, making it a clear priority but surprisingly inefficient investment. Not due to the quality of the training, but because these is no mechanism to facilitate effective implementation. Lessons are lost as teams tasked with doing more, ever faster simply don't have the time or forum to absorb and implement what they've learned. As a result, everyone loses out.

What is the value to be gained from it?

By examining group dynamics and its relationship with team performance, employees will see more clearly how their actions as individuals and as team members can generate exponentially positive results. It's an effective and unifying exercise that empowers everyone involved.

When sharing real issues opens the door to fresh ideas, everyone makes better decisions followed by their implementation, trust grows, and costly mistakes are avoided.

This combination significantly increases engagement, energy, trust, retention of top talent, and the likelihood of increasing success.


Create clarity, dismantle silos, improve productivity, and bring back the joy of collaborating and co-creating something bigger than themselves to your team.

" In my interactions with Gilles, over more than a decade, I have always known him to be a genuine person and a top calibre professional with high standards that he takes pleasure in meeting consistently.

During his work in New Zealand and throughout his international career, he has taken sincere interest in all team members he has managed and relates exceptionally well to his team.

His high integrity is also evident with his colleagues. Skilled at assisting people to develop professionally, he is an inspiration for his team and excellent at creating and maintaining team Kpis, ensuring success and stability for immediate and long term business growth. As a strategic thinker with creativity, Gilles is a pleasure to work with and likes to maintain high energy levels and a positive atmosphere – this combined with his clear vision gives any organisation or project he works on the stability, solutions, structure and direction it needs.. "

Julinda Simons - Managing Director Total Creative - New-Zealand

I am filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity to work on four continents with these fantastic human beings!

Thank you

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