Hello, I'm Gilles,

and I help you :

Clarify, Execute, and Optimize

The relentless alignment of intentions,

decisions, and actions is the foundation of success.

My objective is for you to be engaged and fulfilled. Engaged towards dreams bigger than you ever imagined and fulfilled in your professional and personal life.

I believe in these 4 points:

  1. The most underutilized infinite resource on the planet is human potential.

  2. A leader must know how to ignite each person's engines through coaching.

  3. Team collaboration, the collective brain of the company, is the optimal functioning for success.

  4. Mental training brings the ability to surf and transform every challenge into an opportunity.

My career could have continued in sports teaching and towards a doctorate in Osteopathy/Chiropractic in Switzerland if a serious accident had not abruptly interrupted everything. This allowed me to enter the world of leadership with the chance to enrich myself internationally, and then to evolve in entrepreneurship.

The experience gained from opening activities in Europe and Asia, then running my own business for 10 years in New Zealand and since 2011 in Canada, has taught me the importance of: CLARIFYING decisions, having a SUPPORT SYSTEM, and maintaining MOMENTUM.

I am continually in training because I love learning to better service; the testimonials on this site are real and sincere. Human beings have always been at the heart of my work, and I am filled with gratitude for what life allows me to experience and the people I meet along the way.

Currently, in addition to the leaders from whom I am always learning, I work with several work-class researchers such as Leo Bottary (Peernovation), Karsten Bundgaard (Motivation Factor), my brilliant colleagues colleagues at TEC-Canada, and a community so rich in impact: IVEY ACADEMY.

I am learning wingfoiling and practicing l'Aikido.

gray concrete road between trees near mountain
gray concrete road between trees near mountain

I dream of a business world where cooperation reigns, where leaders unleash more vitality to stimulate collaboration and cultivate innovation.

I dream of an entrepreneurial world where leaders are no longer isolated.

I dream that everyone is engaged and fulfilled, both in their work and in their personal lives.

The least utilized resource in a company is human potential. I believe that the priority is to clarify, communicate, and simplify through easy-to-follow tools.

In my vision, collaboration is not just a trendy world; it is an efficient and responsive way of operating within the organization. A workplace where individuals from all levels come together, transcending skills and leveraging the power of peers to stimulate innovation. Collective intelligence and diverse perspectives allow for revolutionary solutions and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving world.

I believe that an entrepreneur starts a business to create a better world. They deserve to retain their 3 freedoms of choice: collaboration, finance, and time.

My vision is to create an environment that allows each indidual's greatness to be unleashed, infusing more vitality within the company. It's time for everyone to contribute confidently, feeling inspired, engaged, and fulfilled.

Isolation kills; collaboration allows for better decision-making to grow faster, easier, and with less risk. It's also more fun! It's time to change the energy level in the workplace.

My Vision


Most entrepreneurs are so busy being the firefighters of their business, extinguishing fires, that they are unaware of the 10 massive mistakes that slow down their growth.

" I had the pleasure to work with Gilles at Decathlon, collaborating on several major business projects. I was impressed by Gilles’s ability to handle the technical side of any project and effortlessly make the link with users. That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. No matter how tense the schedule to implement each week, Gilles made sure everyone had a clear understanding and left ready for action to keep users happy. I can recommend Gilles as a person with great skills and deep expertise of solutions. Broad-minded Manager. Open minded expert. With Gilles, every problem had a solution. As a leader, Gilles earns my highest recommendation.. "

CEO Decathlon Production, Taiwan

I am filled with gratitude to have had the opportunity to work on four continents with these fantastic human beings!

Thank you.

Are you ready to Clarify, Execute, and Optimize?

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